7th day of training Muay Thai in Thailand at Emerald Gym

We had two fighters competing at Patong Staduim in Phucket yesterday. Joey and I went with the team to cheer them on. We won the 1st fight by KO in the 2nd round and the second we lost in decision.  Yves opponent dropped out last minute and they replaced him with a fighter with over 100 professional fights.  Yves had only 3.  Will tells me “That is Thailand”.  Yves fought very well and showed great composure as a fighter against an opponent with vastly more ring experience.  Going all 5 rounds and doing as well as he did shows that he has a lot of promise as a fighter.

I watched the other fights looking for the showmanship and relaxed style that Pee Pa has been working with me on. The main event fight was a Thai versus a Brazilian man. It was light heavyweight (185lbs) so they were very big guys. The Brazilian man was the current title holder and fought like most people in the states do. Which is to say he was very aggressive, threw fast hard combinations, and had nothing but ill intent on his punches. The Thai man made faces at him and laughed when he got hit. He was exceptionally relaxed. As the rounds went by the Thai man began scoring more and more strikes on his weary opponent. In the end the Thai man defeated him and took the title. It was very interesting to see the relaxed Thai style versus the typical American style played out by two very talented fighters.

We arrived back from the fights in Phucket at 6:00 AM this morning. I did my best to sleep in the van but I was still not rested so I skipped the morning training. I spent most of the day sleeping.

By the time evening training started I was feeling good. We did the normal 15 minutes of rope and 10 minutes of shadow boxing. I worked 6 rounds on the heavy bag. My kicks and theeps are feeling great.

I worked pads with Pee Pa. He is starting to throw more and more attacks at me and move the pads after he calls things out. It is really pushing the training up to a new level with him doing this. After pad work I spar with a big guy (probably 220lbs or so) from France. He is aggressive and wants to hit very hard. I use this opportunity to work on my relaxed style and Pee Pa styled antics. It is fun and I can see that even in my initial stages of knowing this style that I will be able to use it very effectively once I am more accustomed to it.

I work clinch with a new student that came to the gym to fight in two weeks. He is around my size. I work the techniques in clinch that I have been learning from Will. We have a nice time and go for several rounds. Will coaches both us of during this and it is very helpful.

After this I work another 15 or so minutes of clinch with Itt. Itt fights at 55KG (121lbs) so I have a very large size advantage on him. His clinch is very technical and I learn some new tricks.

We finish up with 100 push ups and 400 abs and a two minute plank.

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