Month: May 2012

Dymond wins Pro Muay Thai fight at Wild Bills Fight Night

Dymond Jones won his professional Muay Thai fight at Wild Bills Fight Night on May 19th.  He showcased his skills as a Nak Muay defeating his opponent in 3 rounds with a flurry of knees, kicks, punches, and elbows.

Calories needed per day

The amount of calories a person needs each day is dependent on how much they weight, body composition, activity level, and their sex. The numbers listed below are a good starting point but are by no means the absolute rule more »

Get in shape for Summer in Atlanta

Typically when I talk to people about fitness I like to chat about all of the noble reasons for being in shape:  being healthy, being strong, having a higher quality of life, reducing the chance of heart disease, etc.  This more »

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