2012 Paleo Challenge Results


Congratulations to everyone that did the challenge and stuck to the meal plan and workouts for the entire 30-day challenge.  You guys are awesome!  Seeing all of the change in everyone over the past month was amazing to say the least.  Everyone worked very hard and the results showed!  Selecting the winners was exceptionally difficult because of how incredibly everyone did.  The difference between 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in most categories was minute.

Unit 2 CrossFit Paleo Challenge Winners-

Female Body Change – Candy with 14lbs lost, body fat from 26.8% to 22.7%, and 3 inches lost of waist.

Female Performance Change – Catherine with 1:21 off her mile run, 10 additional push ups in 1 minute, and 6 additional sit ups in 1 minute.

Male Body Change – Eric with 15.2lbs lost, 17.5% to 15.1% body fat, and 2.5 inches lost off his waist.

Male Performance Change – Scott with 1:30 off his mile run, 9 additional push ups in 1 minute, and 13 more sit ups in 1 minute.

Average Results of participants in the Unit 2 CrossFit Paleo Challenge

Female Body Change – 4.2lbs lost, 1.3% body fat change, 1.3 inches off waist

Female Performance Change – 46.6 seconds off mile run, 5.5 additional push ups, 3.6 additional sit ups

Male Body Change – 11lbs lost, 2.3% body fat change, 2.3 inches off waist

Male Performance Change – 44 seconds off mile run, 11.2 additional push ups, 6.7 additional sit ups.

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