Month: October 2011

Muay Thai gear – what you need to have for training

  Once the decision to train Muay Thai and become Nak Muay (Muay Thai boxer) is made the next step is buying gear. When starting basket ball one does not wear a football jersey and when doing golf one does more »

Unit 2 Fighter beats X3 fighter at Wild Bills Fight Night

Congratulations to Dymond Jones on his victory at Wild Bill’s Fight Night 35.  Dymond, age 36, fought X3’s Steve Hall, age 26, in a professional Muay Thai fight.  Despite being 10 years older than his opponent, Dymond was able to more »

CrossFit will help you move

The ability to move and manage your body is key factor to being fit, healthy, and able to survive.  The ability to lift a heavy weight is not nearly as useful in daily life as the ability to lift yourself. more »