Month: April 2011

Fitness 360 workout 04-30-2011

Do each station for 4 minutes.  1 minute break between stations.  Do each station two times.  station 1: 10 mountain climbers sprint mat 10 sprawls sprint mat take one rep off after each lap station 2: jump over swiss balls more »

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Fitness 360 workout 04-29-2011

With a partner do each station 3 min with 30 sec break. 3 rounds total. station 1: pass medicine ball by slamming into ground, sprawl pass medicine ball by chest pass, sprawl pass medicine ball by throwing up, sprawl station more »

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Fitness 360 workout 04-28-2011

Each station is 3 min long with 30 sec break between.  Do 2 rounds total of each station. station 1 : deadlift sandbag onto graduated platform from the ground starting on lowest level station 2: run on spot for 15 more »

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Fitness 360 workout 04-27-2011

Do each of the following for 1 minute each.  No breaks between exercises.  After you have completed all 10 exercises there is a 2 minute break.  Repeat 3 times. sprinting push ups lunges jumping jacks forward jumps dips sprawls squats more »

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Fitness 360 workout 04-26-2011

1st set :30 seconds each2nd set :45 seconds each3rd set 1 min each Tire switch steps 12 inch box hops Twist jump over bar burpee Dumbbell lunge and press- 15 yards down- 15 yards back X2 sets Dumbbell side squat more »

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Beware of the Martial Arts Scammers!!

In the martial arts industry as in all industries, there are organizations that are legitimate and stand behind their products and then there are the organizations that are little more than snake oil salesmen who are willing to tell you more »

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Wild Rice Salad

.5c Uncooked Wild Rice .5c Uncooked Barley .25c Dried Apricots (chopped) .25c Dried cranberries .25c Slivered almonds 2T Grape seed Oil 2T Raspberry vinegar Cook rice and barley together (I bring to a boil, then let simmer 20-25 minutes, then more »

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Fitness 360 workout 04-25-2011

10 minute warm up 15 minutes of ladder drills 15 hurdle drills 5 sets 10x power cleans

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Fitness 360 workout 04-22-2011

5 rounds of the following with 50% body weight on bar: 5 power clean 10x front squat 5x jerk 10x pull ups 10x push ups

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Nicole's testimonial – 90lbs lost in 1 year

March 1, 2010: I was in a place I thought I would never find myself in a million years. I was 100 lbs. over weight, very unhappy and anxiety filled. I was sitting around the house playing on the computer more »

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