2011 training Muay Thai in Thailand trip day 2

My body still thinks that when I go to bed at 10 PM I am taking a nap at 10 AM. I am exhausted but only sleep in short bursts. It takes several attempts to sleep until my alarm goes off at 7AM. Joey and make our way to Emerald. Like every day we start with a run. For the first half of the run my body feels like it is made of creaky old wood. Once my body warms up I feel better.

We arrive back at Emerald and start shadow boxing. After 10 minutes of shadow boxing we put on our wraps and go to the heavy bags. Will has us work basic hand combinations for 1 minute and 30 seconds at a time.

Round 1

  • Jab + Cross + Hook + Cross
  • Jab + R hook body + L hook face + R elbow

Round 2

  • R upper body + R hook face + L upper body + L hook face
  • Step in Jab + Cross + R elbow

Round 3

  • 5/10/15/20/30/20/15/10/5 second intervals of constant punching with 10 second breaks

I work three rounds of pads with Itt.  Itt is a younger Thai fighter but is very talented in coaching.  Joey and I have been habitually drinking electrolyte powder and iodized salt drink that we have made in the room. As a result training in the heat is much easier then last year.

After working pads it is time to spar. Today one of the other farang ask me to spar with him. He is a large guy that has been at the camp for a month or so. We have a nice time punching each other in the face. After the sparring I see the head coach smiling at me.

We finish up training with several hundred knees followed by “disco” knees. Then 100 push ups.

During the afternoon I take Joey to a remote beach away from Ao Nang Village. It is a short hike (maybe 2KM or so) and well worth it since the beaches of Ao Nang are overrun with tourists this year.

4PM comes and I am feeling great and ready to train.

We start with 15 minutes of jump rope. After this we start shadow boxing. The head coach Pee Pa starts helping me during shadow boxing. Pee Pa has trained many of the best Thai boxers alive including Jean-Charles Skarbowski (who I trained with last month). Pee Pa tells me to fight like a snake. He has me lower my stance and advance and retreat like a snake might. It is very technical and at once I can see how effective it is.

After shadow boxing Pee Pa calls me up and does 4 rounds of pads with me. It was an amazing experience to say the least. His style of Muay Thai is very different than what I have done in the past. He moves like water. He is very jovial and jokes constantly. He talks about punching as taking money from a tree and touching gloves as a hi five. He dances to the music as he moves. Will tells me that he fought this way when he was still a boxer. Will also tells me that Pee Pa still can move like a 20 year old fighter. This is easy to believe because despite him being over 50 his body looks like that of a 20 year old athlete.

After pads I spar with another farang at the gym. We do 4 rounds of kick only sparring. It was fun to try and put to use the new techniques that Pee Pa has been teaching me.

Pee Pa then had me do 2 rounds of very technical movement with him.  He speaks little English but he communicates with me perfectly.

After the training we again did several hundred knees (and disco knees). Then 100 push ups. We finished up with 150 abs and 100 punches to the stomach.

Awesome Day! Joey and I both fell asleep at 8PM.  Then woke up at 2am, 4am, then 6am…

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