Month: November 2009

Day 8 Muay Thai training in Thailand

It is Saturday and Wil has decided that we should train on the beach. Rit is still recovering from his fight so it is Pakda and Wil working with us today. We start the day with a 1.5 KM jog more »

Day 7 Muay Thai training in Thailand

Waking up is easy. My body and mind feel great. Hugh is off to Cambodia so I went to Emerald alone. There are many people at the gym today and everyone is excited that Rit is going to fight at more »

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Day 6 Muay Thai training in Thailand

I wake up today and my head feels like it has been hit by a truck. I decide to forgo the morning training and get a few more hours of sleep. The day passes quickly and soon it is time more »

Day 5 Muay Thai training in Thailand

I am feeling pretty good now during the training. Rest and recovery are so important here. Sodium is not used in much of the cooking here and the electrolyte drinks don’t have enough. I have started putting a spoon full more »

Day 4 Muay Thai Training in Thailand

Resting Friday has paid off! Hugh and I breeze through the morning run. I finally feel normal again. My punches and kicks are fast and crisp as I shadow box. Hugh looks very good while shadow boxing too. Coach puts more »

Muay Thai training in Thailand Day 3

Dehydration and acclimatization are the enemies of good training for the first week in Thailand. Hugh has been here for a few weeks and his body has adapted; mine has not. Despite drinking over 8 liters of water per day more »

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Day 2 Muay Thai training in Thailand

This morning Hugh got stuck at Raellai Beach. The boat man refused to move until 8 people came to book passage back to Ao Nang. After several very frustrating hours for Hugh he paid 4x the normal price for a more »

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