Month: September 2009

kenpo, kempo

The word Kenpo is how Japanese people describe any Chinese martial art.  In Japan Kenpo is used similarly to how Americans use the terms Kung Fu or Wu Shu.  American Kenpo was developed in Hawaii. Most schools that teach the more »

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Kung Fu, Kung Fu martial arts, gong fu


The word Kung Fu literally translates to “hard work and dedication”.   In Chinese this can refer to any activity and does not necessarily have anything to do with Martial Arts.  Practicing writing skills or even the act of making more »

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Karate, Kyokushin, Shodokan

Karate is a martial art that originated in Okinawa and was used by locals to defend themselves.  Though relatively uncommon in professional fighting there are some accomplished MMA fighters, such as Georges St-Pierre and “Lyoto Machida, have Karate backgrounds.  This is more »

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History of Boxing

Hand wraps

Boxing, or the sweet science, is a sport where two combatants engage in a test of strength and skill by using gloved hands to deliver punches.  Many argue that the sport started in the Olympics of 688 BCE but others more »

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Free week regsitration

Thank you for registering for a free week of training at Unit 2 Fitness. One of our trainers will contact you to setup a time for you to come to the gym. On your 1st visit you will need to bring more »

Cowboys Atlanta win

Pete Snider has won his 2nd MMA Fight at Cowboys Atlanta with a 1st round submission.

Casca Grossa team win

Congratulations to the Unit 2 Fitness for getting the gold medal at the 6th annual Casca Grossa grappling tournament.

Jeff Boudreux amateur debut

Jeff Boudreaux dominates his opponent in his 1st amateur mixed martial arts event at Wild Bills. Jeff wins in unanimous decision after the 3rd round.

Gold at NAGA

Congratulations to the Unit 2 Fitness for getting the Gold medal in Gi and Silver medal in No-Gi at the NAGA. The team also had the highest combined adult points of any of the teams.

Black Belt Awarded!

Congratulations to Mike Hanson for recieving his black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.