10 days training in Thailand at Emerald gym

I slept for nearly 10 hours last night and awake feeling better. I make it to the gym just in time to run alone, which is to say about 5 minutes late. I make the run in time to get back before shadow boxing begins. After shadow boxing we do three rounds on the heavy bags but the last 1 minute of each round is continuous hard punches.

Will is out and in his place he has Pakda, my coach from last year, helping out today. Pakda is now a fight promoter rather than a full time coach. I work 3 rounds with Pakda and he tells me that he is very impressed with how much better I am than I was last year. We fall into the familiar routine of double punches, elbows, and upper cuts. He pushes the rounds 30 seconds into each break testing my stamina. It is a grueling pace but my body is working well today and I get though it.

Pee Pa calls me up for three more rounds on pads. We work new jab (ish) techniques. He has me watch his head position to determine which type of jab to use. I have to determine whether to use the straight jab, upward moving jab, or the backhand slap jab. It is challenging and fun.

Pee Pa puts me on a heavy bag and has me to 200 hard continuous punches. We then do several hundred walking punches, then upper cuts, then knees. We finish up with stretching and 100 push ups.

The evening training comes after a nap that was not near long enough. Two a days are really starting to take their toll on my body. We start with the normal rope and shadow boxing. I am a bit light headed during shadow boxing. I slam an electrolyte powder.

I work on the heavy bag until Pee Pa calls me up for pad work. He pushes the pace having perform many kicks on the pads. Most of the time he has me triple my round kicks. I push hard to keep up with his demands.

After pad work I take a few minutes to rest and drink water. I do some light work on the heavy bag while the others are finishing up their pad work. Joey and I then do four rounds of catch and return kick drills. After this we start doing light full sparring. Pee Pa watches us for one round and comes to me and takes away my right glove, makes me hold it to my head, and tells me that I can only jab and Joey can still punch, kick, and knee. Joey and I do three more rounds like this. Pee Pa coaches the rounds telling me when to use the various types of jabs that he has been teaching me. Even without my other techniques I am able to do well with only the arsenal of jabs he has given me.

We finish up some light stretching and 100 push ups.

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